An entity is someone farming in the account - if you farm with your brother, for instance. This would be someone who fully shares in the operation (like a certain crop is split 50/50 with them). Entities will appear on all Profit and Loss pages in Harvest Profit, and you can track an Entity's profitability individually or as part of the entire operation

Entity Share

An Entity Share is a combination of entities applied to a crop or a contract. If I farm with my brother Ben and we split everything down the middle, Ben and I would have a 50/50 share. This is very important, as it might be how we sell grain (maybe Ben and I commingle our grain together, and have contracts at the elevator with the same entity share on them)


Landlords in Harvest Profit can be anyone that owns land that you rent (cash or crop share). If you own a field, you might not have a landlord set, or it might be set to yourself.

Crop Share Landlord Agreement

Crop Shares are set on a per-field basis . A Crop Share only exists when the field is NOT cash rent. In the event of a Crop Share agreement, the landlord may receive a portion of the yield from the agreement, and will be removed from our calculations on the Profit and Loss - you will see a "Yield" and a "Yield - Your Share" on the profit and loss page. Landlord shares are not tracked by default in Harvest Profit, and won't be visible on the Profit and Loss unless you explicitly select the landlord from the Entities list.

Note: A common mistake is to have a split made under Entity Share and a Crop Share Landlord agreements that are essentially representing the same shares. The result would be entities having a smaller portion of the crop than they should. A common example is having a 50/50 Split between Ben and Mark listed under Landlord Agreements and Entity Shares.