Managing Sold Inventory

The Settlements page is where you will assign scale tickets to your contracts just as they show up on your settlements sheet. When you assign a ticket to a contract, that inventory will be subtracted from the elevator's storage.

What about elevator inventory that is not assigned to a contract in Harvest Profit?

This may also be inventory owed to landlords, or simply inventory for an entity you do not track in Harvest Profit. To mark it as sold, simply navigate to the elevator and the crop. On the top of the page you will see a table of all the available inventory amounts per entity and landlord. Using this table, click “Mark As Sold” to remove this inventory for that entity from the elevator.  You may also use the “$ Adjust Settlements” button to allocate custom amounts.

What does “Selling” inventory do?

Grain Elevators can be used as a storage location for your grain, just like using a Bin on your farm. By selling inventory, you remove it from the elevator’s storage so that you can accurately see how much inventory is stored at the elevator.

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