Liquid Product Density

To Add Liquid Product Density - Review the following Steps:

  1. Go to the Inputs page.
  2. Add Fertilizer or navigate to Fertilizer product.
  3. Click the Liquid checkbox
  4. Then, Click Save in the bottom right hand corner. 
  5. You can now enter in the appropriate density

When adding a liquid fertilizer to your inputs tab you must enter a product density it you select the liquid check box. Product density is the pounds per gallon of the product. If the density is set to 0, the product will not show up on the P&L or on Input reports.


28-0-0 = 10.66 Pounds/gallon

10-34-0 = 11.65 Pounds/gallon

32-0-0 = 11.06 Pounds/gallon

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