Setting Up Your Account

There are a few things you need to do to get your Harvest Profit account up-and-running.  
Note - To download the following step by step picture guide, please click the following link.
1. Add your Fields/Land Cost in the Fields tab.
2. Click New Field.
3. Enter a Name, Owner, and the acres for the field, then click Save this Field.
4. Add your crops in the Settings tab (located on the bottom menu bar).
5. Under the New Crop header, enter a Name or select from the dropdown. 
6. Next, select a Sell As crop, then click Add Crop.
7. Add your basis amount for each applicable crop, then click Save Crops.
8. Add your Budget Price for any other crops, then click Save Crops.
9. Go to the Crop Planner tab for the applicable year to assign a Crop to each field.
Then, click the drop down arrow to select a Crop and Entity Share for each crop. 
Lastly, click Save Crop Plan.
10. Go to the Yield tab, and assign a yield to each field.
 To add a Yield, click Add Field, then click Custom. Then, enter desired planned Yield. 
 Note - The amount entered will automatically save. 

11. To add your inputs/expenses, go to the Inputs tab.
Next, click Add Fertilizer. Enter a Description, Cost, and select the Unit applicable. 
Note - Continue this process for Seed and Chemical.
12. To "Apply" fertilizer/seed/chemical rates for each field, go to the Applications tab.
1. Click the Field row you want to apply rates to.
2. Click Add Application.
3. Click Fertilizer.
Next, select the products you want to apply, then click Apply Product.
Lastly, enter a rate Amount and Set Acres. Click Finish, and then click Save Applications.
Note - Steps #9 and 10 are essential for initial P&L calculations.
If you need additional guidance, please review our Knowledge Base for more Help articles.
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