Inventory Definitions

Harvest profit uses 4 different measurements when it comes to inventory.

Original Amount - This is your gross weight/bushels of the load

Dry Amount - This number is used for our calculation purposes. We store all inventory numbers at their dry weight. You can change your dry weight moisture percentage in the crop settings. If a load is under standard moisture you will see your Dry Amount will be higher. This will not affect your inventory because we never displaying any inventory reports using this number.

Accepted Amount - This is the number that is being accepted into inventory. If delivering to an elevator this will be the same as your Net weight/bushels and if you deliver to a bin we calculate this based off of standard shrink and the standard moisture you entered into the program.

Dry Equivalent - This number is only used for production reporting. We calculate this based off the original amount and the load moisture regardless if it was delivered to an elevator or bin. We do this to line up with insurance production reporting.

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