Editing Libra Cart loads

If you need to edit Libra Cart loads here are some things you should know
If you edit a load in Harvest Profit and then edit those same loads in Agrimatics, the Agrimatics change will overwrite the HP load. 
For example, if you change the moisture in Harvest Profit and then change the weight in Agrimatics the original Agrimatics moisture will then overwrite your edited Harvest Profit load moisture. 
If you need to edit a load we recommend you only edit it in Harvest Profit and If you do edit the load in Agrimatics you will need to edit all parts of the load. Every Libra Cart load has at least two parts two it. One part coming from the grain cart going to the truck and another transaction from the truck to the final destination. Each part of the ticket would need to be edited if you are making changes in Agrimatics and you want those changes to be accurate in Harvest Profit. 
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