Updating Field Acres

In Harvest Profit there are two areas you will enter acres into your account.

The first being the field and land cost tab. We use your acres on the field and land cost tab to calculate your total land cost payment. You will want to match your field and land cost acres up with your rental contracts or tillable acres for the field. 

The second place we record acres is under the crop planner tab. This is where you set your planted acres. We use planted acres for calculating seed, chemical, and fertilizer expenses when you enter the application amount in  amount per acre.

Note: If you see your land cost on your P&L is different than what you entered in to the field and land cost tab that is because we calculate the payment over your planted acres. If you have less planted acres than what is entered into the field and land cost tab your land cost per acre will be higher. We calculate your total payment and divide that by the planted acres which are set on the crop planner page.

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