How do I apply inputs to my fields?

Apply inputs to your Inputs page, and then applying them to your fields. Please follow the steps below.

1. To add your inputs/expenses, go to the Inputs tab.

Note - If you have already entered your inputs, skip to step #3.

2. Next, click  Add Fertilizer. Enter a  Description,  Cost, and select the  Unit applicable. 
Note - Continue this process for Seed and Chemical.
3. To "Apply" fertilizer/seed/chemical rates for each field, go to the  Applications tab.
4. Next:
1. Click the  Field row you want to apply rates to.
2. Click  Add Application.
3. Click  Fertilizer.
5. Next, select the products you want to apply, then click Apply Product.
6. Lastly, enter a rate  Amount and  Set Acres. Click  Finish, and then click  Save Applications.
Expert Trick: To copy applications to multiple fields, click Copy All Applications
Select the fields you wish to copy the applications. Then click Copy to # Fields. 

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