Setting Up Your Crop Shares

Note- By using Crop Shares, your yield per acre will be decreased relative to the crop share. For example, if you have a 50% share with your landlord, and you average 50 bu/acre, it will show YOU a yield of 25 bu/acre for that field, which is not your actual yield. This reflects an accurate cost of production on your Profit & Loss page as applications are normally applied to the full acres of the field.

Note - To download the following step by step picture guide, please click the following link.


1. To set up Crop Shares, go to the Fields/Land Cost Tab. In the Crop Share column, click the drop down arrow on the appropriate field, then click New Agreement.

2. Next, Enter a Name for the new Crop Share Agreement. In the Landlord field, select a Landlord from the drop down. 

Then Enter a Landlord Revenue Share and click Save Crop Share Agreement.

Note - you may added additional expenses for the agreement but these are not required.

3. Select the new Crop Share for the appropriate fields, then click Save.

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